You need a floor plan of your home!

If you are about to list or remodel your home, a floor plan is invaluable!

When you buy a new home, the builder provides a floor plan. Why? It helps you visualize how the home fits your lifestyle!

Smart sellers provide a floor plan. Your listing will get more click's and buyers will have a better understanding of your space and layout.

A floor plan helps buyers:

Visualize the home • Understand how big the rooms are
Understand if their furniture will fit   • Determine if the home fits their lifestyle

A floor plan allows buyers to connect to your home in a way that pictures can't accomplish.

The home selling and leasing marketplace is full of your competition! If you are about to list your home, you want to standout!

If your realtor doesn't include a floor plan of your home in your MLS listing, they aren't doing everything they can to sell/lease your home. Ask them to purchase an Ideal Floor Plan for your listing.

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How Can I Get a Floor plan? (click to drop down)

  • Order your floor plan on the website and complete checkout.
  • Schedule an appointment with our office to scan your home.
  • We email you the floor plan when its ready.
  • Thats it! Check out our FAQ's for more info.



Do you know how big your home actually is?

Does it matter how big your home is? Yes! When it comes to your home, size matters! Your home's square footage is known as its GLA (Gross Living Area). Each SqFt of GLA in your home represents dollars to you! In the Austin metro area, a single SqFt of GLA can be worth from $50 to $1500. Your home's GLA is what appraisers measure, put into their reports, and what lenders use when evaluating a loan. Your GLA helps determine what your home is worth. 

How can you price your home correctly if you don't know its GLA?

We will determine your GLA when we create your floor plan.

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Why is this an Issue? (click to drop down)

For most homes, different entities have different measurements of your homes size. The appraisal district's understanding of your home's size may differ from the builder who built your home. Both can be different from realtors, past and present, who listed your home.

Which one is right? Are they all wrong?

As of April 2022, all homes involved in a mortgage transaction must follow new nationwide standards for determining a home's Gross Living Area (GLA) called ANSI** Z765 standards. The introduction of these standards brought a lot of focus on how homes are measured. We know these standards and our measuring service provides you with an ANSI compliant measurement of your home's GLA. 

**(American National Standards Institute) 

Check our our FAQ's for more information.

Need to know how much your home is worth? Need to know if an improvement or remodel makes financial sense? 

Ideal Floorplan partners with the best appraisal firms in Central Texas for affordable prelisting, and after-renovation-value appraisals. Do you want to know what a licensed and professional appraiser determines your homes' value to be? Are you considering a major remodel and want to know how much it will improve the market value of your home? Contact us and mention that you want to talk about an appraisal, and we will connect you with a local expert.